2nd Edition: Acceleration


Galinsect aims to develop the methodology and infrastructure for insect breeding that will allow us to achieve a stable production model of: high added value proteins for use in food; chitin and essential oils for the pharmaceutical industry; and organic fertilizer with a high biological contribution.

Challenge: new product development

Mentoring by: Grupo Nueva Pescanova, Viña Costeira

Statera Labs

Statera Labs will develop an innovative bioactive ingredient consisting of a DHA liposome with turmeric extract high in curcuminoids and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) that can be incorporated into different food matrices providing real benefits for the health of the consumer.

Challenge: healthy products and personalized nutrition

Mentoring: Dairylac, LARSA (CAPSA Group)


SMART VITAMINS seeks to adapt the technology of bioactive nanocapsules, developed at the USC (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela), for their incorporation into food matrices and to validate the biological and/or therapeutic effect of an emulsion of the same with bioactive compounds when these are administered orally integrated into food.

Challenge: healthy products and personalized nutrition

Mentoring: Clusaga


HEROOJ will develop a complete range of products and nutraceuticals specially oriented to endurance or high performance athletes. Our hydrogels, energy bars and hypertonic and isotonic beverages will be made from plant extracts with 100% ecological and natural production, and based on sea water from the Atlantic Ocean, and may incorporate other natural functional ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties and / or muscle recovery.

Challenge: healthy products and personalized nutrition

Mentoring: Gadisa


Hk_smart:food is an innovative cloud-based IoT system for recording multi-parametric information from food industry equipment especially oriented to the Horeca channel (Hotel, Restaurants and Coffee Bars). Hk_smart:food facilitates the management and guarantees the traceability, safety and sustainability of the products that operate in the horeca channel, connecting in real time the brands with their customers

Challenge: digitalization and automation

Mentoring: Cafés Candelas

Kiwanda Food

Kiwanda Food is an integral solution specifically for the fruit and vegetable sector for digital control based on RFID systems of the production process, from harvesting in the field to dispatching to the markets, including intelligent control of the fruit storage and ripening processes.

Challenge: smart labeling

Mentoring: KIWI Atlántico


Development and validation of Biopraedium Solar GreenHouse (BSG), an autonomous unit intended for the production of food for livestock and people through the use of hydroponic cultivation technologies, supported by specific LED lighting and automated shade system, in order to optimize and stabilize the duration of the growth cycles of plants. BSG makes it possible to obtain a greater annual number of harvests, with a lower consumption of natural resources thanks to the use of landless systems and the full use of sunlight.

Challenge: new eco-efficient transformation processes and adapt to demand

Mentoring: LARSA (Capsa Food)


SITRAV is the acronym for Advanced Traceability System. It is an integral solution specially oriented to food processing companies that guarantees an intelligent management of the data related to the industrial production systems and a visual control of the traceability. The system has proven its worth as a traceability solution associated with the production processes of the fishing sector and it is intended to adapt it to the industrial sector of fishing and food processing derivatives.

Challenge: paperless quality management systems

Mentoring: Congalsa